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We will keep doing our best to handle intellectual property right cases, providing reliable law suggestions, increasing the number of intellectual property right application cases and the number of countries where we apply for intellectual property rights, showing the development and innovation of intellectual property right of Taiwan to the world and let Taiwanese businesses to be a star in the world by the protection of intellectual property right.
FLYING Intellectual Property Law Office Intellectual property right legal consultant


We are proficient at applying, analyzing and monitoring cases of the intellectual property right. If you are faced with cases from different countries or a large number of cases, we suggest you to appoint the FLYING INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LAW OFFICE to be the legal consultant for a perennial time. We ensure the effectiveness of intellectual property right and improve the economic value of intellectual property right by assignment of technology, trademark licensing, writing contract and ban a infringement. We steady the technology of patent and the excludability of trademark and prevent from misusing and infringing.